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Four-Wheel Alignment


Recommended Every 12 months

Includes inspection of the front & rear suspension/steering components, adjustment of toe-in, camber and caster if applicable.


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What to Expect with Volkswagen Four-Wheel Alignment

Like all other makes and models of vehicles, Volkswagen vehicles are designed with an adjustable alignment as part of the suspension system. The alignment refers to how the wheels align with each other, the body of the car, and the road. The wheels might appear straight, but they’re actually angled a slight bit to provide the perfect balance between fuel economy and vehicle performance and handling. Vehicles that have front-wheel drive usually only have adjustable front end alignment, while vehicles with four-wheel or all-wheel alignment systems require 4-wheel alignment adjustments to assure proper distribution of power to each wheel as needed depending on the situation.

Reasons a Vehicle Might Need an Alignment Adjustment

The most common reason, and ideally the only reason for alignment adjustment, is that after a certain mileage, the alignment has slowly gone out and needs to be put back in its proper place. The exact mileage can vary according to personal driving styles and local road conditions, so it’s always a good idea to discuss the vehicle needs with a trustworthy technician who can help plan your maintenance schedule. Another reason alignment should always be checked and probably adjusted is after an accident has occurred. It doesn’t have to be a major accident at highway speeds to shift the alignment out of place; even a parking lot fender bender can put excess strain on the alignment parts. For that matter, a bad pothole or running over a curb is not something the vehicle was designed for; such incidents can and will cause the alignment to get knocked out of place.

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What Can Go Wrong When the Alignment is Off

When the alignment is out, several symptoms will present themselves. The most noticeable is when the steering wheel is centered for a straight stretch of road, the car will veer left or right. Less noticeable are performance aspects, in which the car suffers a loss of usable power, the handling becomes difficult, especially when cornering, and gas mileage will suffer. A final symptom is the tires will wear out unevenly, leading to a need to replace them far before tire replacement would typically be expected.

Four-Wheel Alignment

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Toms River Volkswagen provides inspections and services to people in the areas of Lakewood Township, Long Beach Island, Beachwood, Manchester Township, and Berkeley Township of New Jersey. We specialize in Volkswagen repair and maintenance, but our tools and training extend to other vehicles. You’ll find our technicians to be courteous and professional, so call to schedule your next inspection and maintenance appointment at your convenience.


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