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Genuine Volkswagen Tires  

Genuine Volkswagen Tires

Come to Toms River Volkswagen in Toms River, NJ for VW Tire Sales & Service

Whether the tires on your Volkswagen need attention or you need entirely new tires, we’re glad to help at Toms River Volkswagen, serving Manchester Township and Beachwood from our location in Toms River.

VW Tire Sales & Service Near Lakewood Township

Your VW will need new tires eventually. When that time comes, Toms River Volkswagen is here to help. We carry winter and summer tires, as well as all-season tires. You won’t have to wonder whether the tires you’re getting are high-quality: Volkswagen approves all the tires we carry. When you choose your new set of tires, our technicians can even install them for you! Regular tire service is the best way to keep your tires in peak condition. The certified technicians at Toms River Volkswagen will be glad to perform any tire-related service your VW might need. Check out our most common tire services below.

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Tire Rotation

Depending on where they are on your VW, your tires don’t wear down at the same rate. Tire rotation mitigates this, causing more even wear so that some of your tires don’t wear down prematurely. It’s a service that should be performed often, as it can dramatically increase your tires’ lifespan.

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Wheel Alignment and Tire Balancing

Wheel Alignment and Tire Balancing

If your tires are unbalanced or your wheels are misaligned, you may experience uneven tire wear that will make it necessary to buy new tires sooner. Before this happens, our technicians can check the balance and alignment with precision instruments, adjusting all four wheels as necessary to help you avoid this fate.

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Tire Repair

If you’ve run over a nail or other sharp object, all may not be lost. Bring your VW to Toms River Volkswagen, and we’ll take a look; there’s a chance we may be able to repair the tire!

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Tire Inspection

Tire inspection is crucial, as it lets us see how your tires are doing. We’ll check the tread for uneven wear, and we’ll measure the tread depth to make sure you have more than 2/32”. We’ll also check for damage, and inspect the tire pressure, adjusting it as necessary.

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Volkswagen Tire Service and Sales at Toms River Volkswagen in Toms River

When your Volkswagen needs new tires, trust the tire shop at Toms River Volkswagen, not far from Toms River. We have a large selection of VW-approved tires, and we’ll be glad to install them for you. Of course, this is just the beginning. When your VW Jetta or Passat needs tire service, our qualified technicians will be glad to help. From tire rotation to tire repair, we offer it here. We look forward to seeing you at Toms River Volkswagen, serving Beachwood, Barnegat Township, and Lakewood Township.

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Ready to come in and have your tires taken care of? Toms River Volkswagen has an online service scheduling tool that takes all the stress out of making an appointment. We look forward to seeing you at Toms River Volkswagen.


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