VW Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service in Toms River, NJ

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Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service at Toms River VW

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service in Toms River, NJ

For a variety of routine maintenance needs and heavy-duty repairs, Toms River Volkswagen is a go-to destination in New Jersey. In addition to serving our local community, we regularly welcome customers from the surrounding area, including Lakewood Township, Beachwood, Manchester Township and Berkeley Township. Whether your Jetta, Tiguan or any other Volkswagen model needs an oil change, stop by today or book an appointment online to experience our state-of-the-art facility and impeccable care.

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Oil Change 101

In an oil change service visit, our certified technicians drain your old oil, double-checking its coloring and consistency for any warning signs of larger issues. New Volkswagen-approved oil of the appropriate weight is then added to your vehicle at the recommended levels. A new original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, oil filter is also installed to replace your old filter.

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

Oil is the essential lubricant for your engine as it generates power for your vehicle. The various moving parts of the engine require constant lubrication to operate smoothly. Oil works by reducing the friction between the components, fighting rust and corrosion and providing a cooling effect for the moving parts. Because of the heavy-duty nature of the job, the engine oil in your vehicle degrades over time and use, making an oil change necessary. If your oil degrades too far, the benefits dwindle, and your engine can eventually seize up.

What is Semi-Synthetic Oil?

Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of both conventional oil and synthetic oil. The base of a semi-synthetic oil is a conventional oil derived from crude oil during a refining process, and synthetic oils are added. There is not a set standard combination of conventional and synthetic oil to earn the semi-synthetic designation. Your Volkswagen maintenance guides specify acceptable oil options for a Volkswagen semi-synthetic oil change. Always rely on these recommendations to ensure proper engine performance.

What’s the Difference Between Semi-Synthetic Oil and Synthetic or Conventional Oil?

Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of both other oil types. What other kinds of oil changes are there? Conventional oil, or regular oil, is refined from crude oil. Synthetic-blend motor oil features a manufactured lubricant to maximize your vehicle’s performance. Synthetic oil generally provides two times the service life in terms of mileage versus a conventional oil.

VW Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Why Should I Come to Toms River VW for service?

When you need an oil change in Toms River, we provide stellar certified Volkswagen service with a team of highly qualified technicians. We rely on approved service procedures and OEM parts when caring for your vehicle. Our goal is for all customers to leave with peace of mind and a vehicle operating at 100% efficiency. And to continue this efficiency in our scheduling process, we offer an online service scheduler to give you hassle-free experience booking appointments. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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