Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance Schedule

Toms River, NJ | Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance Schedule

Your Volkswagen Jetta has an impressive fuel economy and is a lot of fun to drive, so you want to ensure you are keeping it well-maintained. Toms River VW created this maintenance schedule for the VW Jetta to inform you of when your car may require servicing.

Read on to see what services your VW may need and when. Drivers in Toms River, Brick, and Freehold should contact our service center today if they need to schedule an appointment.

Every 7,500 Miles

Every 7,500 miles you should get the following:

  • An engine oil change and oil filter replacement. Engine oil is necessary to keep essential components in your engine well-lubricated, and will keep everything running smoothly. Neglecting to replace your engine oil at the recommended intervals can lead to friction in your engine and potential damage.
  • You should also get a tire rotation. Rotating your tires allows for even distribution of wear which can help to improve traction and prevent blow outs. Rotate your tires when recommended to help them last longer.

Every 15,000 Miles

VW Jetta Maintenance | Toms River, New Jersey

  • In order to keep your engine clean and running properly, replace the engine air filter. Your engine air filter prevents excessive dirt and dust from the road from entering the engine of your Volkswagen Jetta.
  • You should also replace the cabin air filter, so dust and pollen does not enter the interior of your vehicle, creating an unpleasant driving experience.

Every 30,000 Miles

  • Around 30,000 miles, necessary fluids in your Volkswagen Jetta will start to need to be replaced like your brake fluid. Brake fluid is essential to keep components of your brakes lubricated and functioning properly.
  • Engine coolant is another important fluid that keeps your engine cool to prevent overheating. You should replace it at this time, as well.
  • To further maintain your engine, have your transmission fluid replaced, too.

Every 40,000 Miles

  • Toms River, New Jersey | VW Jetta MaintenanceHave your spark plugs replaced.
  • Your brake pads wear down over time so stay safe and replace your brake pads at this time, as well.
  • You may also need to replace the tires on your VW Jetta. However, if you have been maintaining your tires properly by balancing them regularly and having them rotated when recommended, you may find your tires lasting longer.

Where to Service Your Volkswagen Jetta

Always pay attention to any warning lights on your dashboard in addition to following the recommended maintenance schedule for your Volkswagen Jetta. When it is time for your car to be serviced, you can visit the service center at Toms River VW. If you ever notice anything unusual with your VW Jetta, our highly trained technicians can inspect your car and diagnose any issue.

VW Jetta owners in Toms River, Brick, and Freehold can contact our service center today to schedule a routine maintenance appointment.

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