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Brake Fluid Exchange

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VW Brake Fluid Exchange Service

Local Volkswagen Brake Fluid Exchange in Toms River, NJ

In talking about our cars, we often talk about horsepower, speed, and drive that the vehicle has. However, perhaps more important than what makes you go is what helps you stop, largely your brakes. Brakes are an integral part of your car, and brake fluid is what makes them work as well as they do. At Toms River Volkswagen, we can help you with your brake fluid exchange so that you can preserve your braking capacity.

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Why Brake Fluid Needs Replacing

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid, which means it uses pressure to transfer and magnify power throughout your brakes. To do this, it needs to be as non-compressible as possible. Water is a very compressible fluid, so your brake fluid has as little water as possible in it when it initially goes into your car. However, the water in the air can slowly contaminate your brake fluid until it starts to lose its ability to act as an optimal hydraulic fluid, so it needs to be changed about every 2 years or every 30,000 miles.

We Stock OEM Parts for Your Replacements

Whenever you get anything replaced, you can either get aftermarket parts or OEM parts. We have a whole stock of OEM parts to get your replacement part right when you need it and so that you can have the best quality possible. When your car was assembled, it received OEM parts, so there’s no better way to get Volkswagen quality than an OEM part.

What is a Brake Fluid Exchange

Brake fluid exchange involves opening up your brake system and draining out the old brake fluid. Since hydraulic systems have to be compressed to function, draining the system is a delicate operation. Once that’s done, new brake fluid can be put in your car. Special care is taken to prevent air bubbles from getting into the brake system, as air can also significantly decrease your ability to brake. Our certified technicians will ensure your brake fluid exchange is done right, so you’ll be able to count on your brakes when you need them.

Brake Fluid Exchange Service

Come to Toms River Volkswagen for Your Brake Fluid Exchange

Our service center is the premier provider of certified Volkswagen brake fluid exchanges in the area. We’re proud to serve our community by keeping them safe through brake fluid exchanges. Old brake fluid can make your brakes feel soft or spongy, making it harder to push to a complete stop, so use our online scheduler to set up your brake fluid exchange appointment today!


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